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Multidimensional group lose weight service
  Multidimensional lose weight group service is a group party lose weight mode which is provided professional guidance by multidimensional lose weight consultant, is presided over by multidimensional lose weight consultant once a week. In the party, the host distribute the weekly multidimensional reduce weight teaching material (multidimensional lose weight instruction manual), three to six months is a period of treatment, distribute lose weight materials every week. Multidimensional lose weight as the host, teach multidimensional lose weight knowledge, and provide guidance reducing weight, answer the customer's question; Customers can introduce each other’s lose weight experience, and talk about their weight loss experience; the host inspire, guide and demonstrate to customer, members can freely join in or leave the party. As long as joining the group party four or more times, the customer can become members of multidimensional weight loss club, freely enjoy burning fat fitness system products and multidimensional lose weight the club's network reducing weight resources.

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