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" Golden weight-loss technique" features and advan

   On behalf of the world advanced level’s "Golden weight-loss technique", which is international original created by Mr Golden, who is the world famous health experts, spends several ten years' development and research, is comprised of "Golden on nutrition movement behavior test technology", "Golden on psychology and health test technology", "Golden personalized multidimensional lose weight barriers testing technology", "Golden aromatic leptin technology", "Golden health beautiful soup technology", "Golden health intelligent thin body soup preparation technology", "Golden 72 kinds of personalized lose weight technology", "Golden focused ultrasound noninvasive liposuction technology", "Golden directional burning fat model body fitness technology"," Golden basic metabolic test technology". Professionally evaluate the customer's nutrition sports and psychological behavior, through further comprehensive psychology and health test in nutrition, exercise, behavior test. Make further assessment of the reason for obesity, through application multidimensional professional lose weight obstacles evaluation system. According to the evaluation diagnosis, Golden weight-loss consultant select multidimensional reducing weight plan that is suitable for customers’ personalized feature from "Golden ascend 72 kinds of reducing weight plan”. Choose the appropriate aromatic leptin, according to the individual needs. Personalized health beautiful soup, through the test of the customer basal metabolic rates, choose proper nutrition plan and sports fat-burning plan for the customer. In the whole careful guidance, guarantee that the customer can obtain the expected weight-loss effect in the certain  time.

" Golden Intelligent weight-loss system " advantag   

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